Digital Music Lab – Analysing Big Music Data is an AHRC project funded under the Big Data call of the Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities Theme. Our goal is to develop research methods and software infrastructure for exploring and analysing large-scale music collections, and to provide researchers and users with datasets and computational tools to analyse music audio, scores and metadata.

The £560k project (AH/L01016X/1) is being carried out collaboratively between City University London, Queen Mary University of London, University College London, and the British Library.

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ASyMMuS Workshop on Audio-Symbolic Music Similarity Modelling

ASyMMuS Workshop on Audio-Symbolic Music Similarity Modelling

8 July 2015, 10:00 – 15:30
Foyle Suite, Centre for Conservation
British Library

The AHRC funded project on An Integrated Audio-Symbolic Model of Music Similarity (ASyMMuS) aims to integrate aspects of audio and symbolic representations, such as scores or MIDI data, in a joint model. By building on the Digital Music Lab structure, the project’s aim is to promote a data driven approach to music similarity. This workshop will bring together researchers with different approaches to promote discussions on what constitutes and what contributes to music similarity.

For more information on the workshop, including programme, registration, and venue information, please visit the workshop webpage.

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