DML project at FMA 2015

Work carried out on analysing world and traditional music as part of the DML project will be presented at the 5th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis (FMA 2015). FMA will take place on 10-12 June in Paris, France. Project-related papers are listed below:

  • S. Abdallah, A. Alencar-Brayner, E. Benetos, S. Cottrell, J. Dykes, N. Gold, A. Kachkaev, M. Mahey, D. Tidhar, A. Tovell, T. Weyde, and D. Wolff, “Automatic transcription and pitch analysis of the British Library World & Traditional Music Collection”
  • A. Leroi, M. Mauch, P. Savage, E. Benetos, J. P. Bello, M. Panteli, J. Six, and T. Weyde, “The deep history of music project”