Digital Music Lab Workshop on Analysing Big Music Data

Digital Music Lab 1st Workshop on Analysing Big Music Data
19 March 2014, 10:00 – 15:30
Room C343, Tait Building, Northampton Square Site
City University London

The Digital Music Lab project invites participants to attend the first workshop on analysing big music data.  The workshop is aimed to explore some dataset-specific aspects of the project as well as more general opportunities and challenges which are involved with big music data research. It will include presentations by the project’s official advisors, Prof. Frans Wiering, Dr. Renee Timmers, and Prof. Tim Crawford, and several other invited speakers. The workshop will also include an interactive part in which participants will have the opportunity to formulate and refine research questions relating to specific datasets which will be presented and characterised.

For more information on the workshop, including programme, registration, and venue information, please visit the workshop webpage.